Big Dreams in Stuffy Small Rooms.

How many times have big dreams sprung up in your head and all you can see is a tunnel vision with the goal at the end? Slowly though, the dream disappears and life gets back to being what it was, and stuck where it was. What stops the dream from moving to the next step? 

Big dreams need room to breathe. We imagine our big massive dreams in small closed quarters under the comfort of our familiar lives. Our dreams can’t fit there. It needs pomp, splendour and fireworks! What it needs is our strong will and acceptance to change. 

Big dreams will change our life. It can rock our boat, topple us over and run the very boat over us. But we need to trust it, even in the bleakest hour. Trust it to guide us the right way, navigate us to the wizard of oz. 

Leap of faith, silver linings, light at the end of the tunnel, all for a reason and so much more of these positive quotes will appear in our heads, cuz, oh boy, we are so going to need them! 

It’s only then you will start realising, the dream was not the goal at all. The goal was set to inspire a hidden goal.. Give life a purpose.. And with purpose comes the will to live.. And with the will to live.. You will pursue happiness in every possible way. 

Dreams are not set for others.. Dreams are not set for yourself too. Dreams are tools we create to make us feel our lives are worthwhile. Having a dream makes you feel life is a miracle. However, the journey towards it makes you realise that you, my dear, are the miracle. 


About contentsoul

A pondering and wondering soul.
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