Will you be my Chamak Chalo? Anyone?

I hate, and please note all the frustration, anger and helpless surrender in that single word, yes hate running on the treadmill. Because when you step onto the treadmill, clocks and watches get readjusted to ‘hell on earth’ time zone. One minute on good old earth is exactly, with no exaggeration, a micro second on the treadmill. But with negligible metabolism, laugh till you cry kind of stamina and ‘exactly proportional to the hate for the treadmill is the love for food’ phenomena, I sadly am eternally in an on and off relationship with that stupid stupid running in the same place moron.

With that settled and no backing out I have to create my little solace in the timeframe of each lifetime I spend on the treadmill (separate time zone, remember?). Started off with day dreaming. It really makes time fly for me so it could work in this scenario too right? Na na na, totally wrong. Day dreaming is a specific software only for wasting precious time. Like, for example, you have a presentation to prepare in the next one hour. It will slip in, take over you for the next forty minutes and leave exactly when it’s just the right time to waste the rest in panic. Ohhhh yea, they are bedfellows. But, if you try calling out it’s name thrice to really hypnotize you in the time of need, well, it doesn’t appear. You end up looking at the ticker continuously and believe you me; it stares back at you with the exact same number, continuously.

Day Dreaming out, what next? Aha counting numbers! Like with sheep and stuff!! Didn’t work. About a 1000 of them had jumped over the fence and entered for ‘America’s next top model’ but here on my ticker, not a freaking one minute thirty seconds had passed.

Then, finally I fell back on music. Like every gym, my gym has music too. But wait, isn’t there a separate rack of CDs which state- ‘Buy one CD with 10 songs in it and you never ever have to buy a CD ever again’. Yes, there is a rack in that name and yes all gyms definitely buy their CDs from there. Including mine. (And they are perplexed why people bunk, jeez.) So that music was out of question. Then started taking my Ipod to the gym. I am sure many of you out there are spweoofing me off right now saying- ‘God, what was that whole around the world story for when she got an Ipod’ but wait, there is a reason why that was not my first choice. One, because, it always managed to be low battery right then, exactly when just I was stepping out to the gym. No seriously, no excuse. When I had that totally kiddie proofed, the second problem was how I was distracted with the popping out earphones right in between my Olympic run. And then another super traumatic problem. Changing of songs. Not having the song which you really want to listen to at that very moment and not any of the other 500 in the play list would do. The list can go on, but now I have to get to the part which will relate to the headline. Yes, finally.

I have now made a playlist of about 15 songs. They get added and subtracted on a fairly regular basis but more or less that’s the number. And what genre are those 15 songs? Bollywood! No no, not those retro classics, they are absolutely nothing compared to the recent popular ones! Let me explain better, please. They call in my evasive friend Day Dream. And both of them weave a story where I am the protagonist of alllll the songs and there are flowers, super close ups of my electric smile, hair flying, a replay of Aishwarya Rai running in the last scene of Devdas (Oh come on, you got to be kidding me if you havn’t!) my dancing eyes, rich gorgeous lehengas adorning the super thin me….. aaaah see the link? Gym, dance, beauty, awesome figure…. love it when I have a precise logical conclusion!!
And so this has worked for me so far on the ridiculous treadmill (Still can’t get over the foolishness of running in the same place though and saying “oh I ran 5kms”. God!). That is, on the days I haven’t bunked. I must crank over this one in a whole separate blog entry.


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2 Responses to Will you be my Chamak Chalo? Anyone?

  1. s.H.a.S.h.I says:

    Well for me music works. At other times i tapofy gals, that works wonders. 😛 U shud try jogging on the road, lotsa interesting stories, from stock market, business, politics to aunty gossips.. jo accha laga uske peeche lag jaane ka : P.

    • contentsoul says:

      Ahaaa you realize the speed they walk in while they have a conspiracy brewing between their huffs and puffs??? I would rather sleep in and lose more calories!!! 😀

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