The trip that would never end- Where it all started.

We had been talking about it atleast for 6 months and that’s the part I remember. I am sure the first mention would go back to a long time ago in the midst of a couple of drinks and happy smiles. But the way two of us are and the way everyone can vouch for, nobody really believed we would do it. “This would be just one of their fancies spoken for the heck of it and action taken for none.” Frankly, we agree to that. We really did not believe we would do it. Before you trip over any wild imaginations running naked and free let me come to the anti-climax- it was all just about a trip. Wait, heck no- The trip that would significantly celebrate our being together for a whole one year. Married. Aah, now makes sense?
Well, so we did go ahead and between all those doubts and huff offs managed to book our tickets, place to stay when we would land and yes that’s about it. No other plans. All to be decided on the go. Backpacking. We were ecstatic about the 10 days ahead in a new place, new people and the most important day of a year amongst complete, absolute strangers on a strange land. It felt good. It would be just us for each other, no matter how the trip shapes up, no matter how the circumstances would turn out to be. Didn’t seem to be a bad deal at all.  So we spent time with our owns for little pre anniversary celebrations, collected our gear, packed and unpacked a few times till we got it right and eagerly counted our days to leave for… Oh, did I mention Vietnam?


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2 Responses to The trip that would never end- Where it all started.

  1. Suvrat says:

    A trip that would never end? I’m still pondering over how it happened!

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