Wedded to Pune.

Orange brown hue. That was the colour of my thoughts that also misted my eyes when I landed in Pune for the first time as an official resident. The trees trembled with a few flower petals fluttering away, a far off half a dozen horns floated by in intervals but not as much to interfere with the fellow birds’ chirps. I was half dreamy like a hush blush bride and an awkward smile dressing my face as I absorbed all that my overwhelmed mind could.
I remember discovering the city in my initial days of wedding hood. It still was not completely sinking in. Being from Mumbai the colours I was associated with were fast streaks of blue, red, puffs of grey in between and if really attentive dots of green. That city is on a power treadmill intoxicating everyone with energy of raw urban jungle hood. And I was still carrying that intoxication, but not really knowing where to release it. So being a woman of few words and big smiles I trudged along, being a sponge like never before.
A day felt like a week, a week felt like a month. The usual thoughts then- There has to be a different time system here! I cannot believe it’s just one hour gone by! In Mumbai this would have been equal to 5!! I struggled with change, I struggled with thoughts and frankly I struggled with the question- why am I struggling?
Time gives a lot of answers and luckily it had plans to give mine. Slowly, a day felt like a day to me and a week had the fulfillment of a fruitful week for me. I learnt the ways and re adjusted my heartbeat to it. As time went by memories started accumulating rapidly, laughter rippled the soul and lips more often, the streets felt like home, the homes felt like neighbours. Simply put, the city taught me a simple truth that lay in its everyday life- happiness can’t be sought after. Make it sought after you.
Today, after a little more than a year, as I sit and put my jumbled thoughts in order with words, the orange brown hue of the city still lingers like a flashback mode of memories. But now the answer to that feeling lies in my soul. I have reached home.


About contentsoul

A pondering and wondering soul.
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2 Responses to Wedded to Pune.

  1. A says:

    Nicely written! Shouldn’t that be wedded to “Poona” though (haha..) 😉

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