When Regret spells out it’s name in Bold.

It’s very easy to say “Everything happens for the good” or “There is a reason in everything”.

These lines sound supreme and divine when in a clear state of mind, beautiful with a glass of martini and a loved one by your side, strong for a soul that does not have a hammer banging outside it’s door.

But in the moments of tide and storm, they are just words uttered by those who are far away on the beach, sun bathing, while you are struggling on a raft in search for a shore.

Regret then shows it’s ugly head taunting and laughing at the decisions you took, the dreams you saw, the life you drew a little too early on the sands of time not realizing a wave is not too far away.

Every bit of your life flashes across, numerous ifs and buts turn into your every thought. Life then, for one more minute, feels like a thousand years apart.

How do I make this demon go away along with those dark heavy clouds he brings with him?

How do I answer my soul that is weeping and I am unable to console?

How do I assure a brighter day when it always ends up being followed by a darker one again?

These answers seem too far away when under his ghastly spell.

A simple soft voice I hear across all the laughs and sneers. It seems to have a simple solution to say- “Just close your eyes, and patiently wait for the bitterness to die it’s slow painful death.

This war being fought around is not about you; you are just the battlefield it’s being raged upon.

Make the land unsuitable for Regret and it will soon leave in search for suitable pastures.

It will then be a brighter day, as those phrases above would have had relevance in time of need and not mere documentation by your memory”.

That voice gives me the hope for survival, a might for the mind. As the soul I believed I needed to pacify, had the strength in turn to pacify me.


About contentsoul

A pondering and wondering soul.
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