Awakening of the lamps- Triumph over evil of a different kind

What is this evil horrible monster howling and storming? The noise is excruciating like a million pins are pricking me at the exact same moment with precision. Slowly I open my eyes to be welcomed by my phone alarm vibrating with that racket and a big line on the screen- RISE AND SHINE! GYM IS BECKONING YOU! (Yes I put that the previous night while setting the alarm thinking it will be highly motivating. And also I wasn’t at all sleepy then.) I stare at it for a blank 5 secs and hit the snooze button with supreme ease. I just close my eyes and it starts ringing again. (That is 15 minutes in sleep time.) This romance between us goes on for like 3-4 rounds till I finally get up. Yes I get up!

I quickly rush around getting ready for the world of fitness, health and frankly for that figure I saw in the magazine yesterday. And TV. And newspaper. Also that lady down the road who walks the dog. Racing down with all the activeness I would like to perceive I had, I swirl my cycle towards the gate and swish across the trees down the little hill towards my new temple of worship.

Before I enter the glass door of the gym, I would like to explain the whole reason for this pride, sense of achievement and self worth I was feeling all together in that one single moment. That alarm ringing and me snoozing had been a story for the last 2 months. But it always used to stop there. Never made it beyond the 4th snooze. The alarm used to give up and I would sleep with victory of a sad kind. And wake up feeling like a doodle. Fat Doodle. So now, I making it to the gym finally was an achievement worth tears of happiness and joy.

I entered and it looked like there was a lot of pride and tears and all of that making numerous rounds in the room. It was filled with sweaty happy people and some sleepy people, but it was really filled alright. What a let downer. Doesn’t feel the same when everyone else has achieved the same thing. And to worsen it, they have made it there earlier than you.

I take up the next treadmill that gets free. While jogging I think to myself with all the strength I could muster between the sub conscious self doubt- Once this guilt of holiday indulgence wears off, all these others will fall behind and I will then conquer and go far ahead in my mission!

For now, even I need to see how that one goes.


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A pondering and wondering soul.
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