Precious stoned memories

It still feels like yesterday when the royalty of that pearl necklace shown majestically across her strong sleek neck. I would look up staring at it admiringly, with stars in my eyes, wishing to be like her one day. Looking down she would laugh, ruffle my hair and pull my cheeks gently. I would giggle and run away soon getting distracted with something else like how 7 year old girls usually do.

In a blink and miss moment, the forehead would fold up on her elegant face trying to figure out another challenge of a day she has to face. Quickly setting her Sari and a last look at the necklace to check if it has not twisted she would glide down in a jiffy and gently thump my back as a sign to hurry up and catch up with her.

And then it would be a wonderful day. I don’t remember much of what I used to say but it must have been very interesting and captivating because I definitely remember the rapt attention with which she heard me out and responded. Suddenly there would be a lot of people around with similar bright gorgeous saris and gleaming beautiful jewelery. (Later through the years realized this setting is called a wedding). She would graciously acknowledge everybody’s greetings and look at me as a signal to follow suit. And I would, eagerly, just to see that fleeting shine of pride and joy in her eyes. I would look back at her happily and my eyes would settle upon the peacock shaped majestic pearl necklace for a brief second each time. Slowly and unknowingly it got itself imprinted in my mind.

Years have passed and today I stand staring at the mirror adjusting my Sari and my hand running over the pearl necklace. Can’t help but smile at the warmth that hugs me, as nostalgia fills to my brim. That necklace stood majestic and elegant with silent strength and through the years took a one word meaning in my life. The necklace simply now personifies my mother.


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A pondering and wondering soul.
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One Response to Precious stoned memories

  1. Achraj says:

    It is so strange how a single object/sensory memory can remind us of a person. Each time it happens it leaves me amazed, touched, nostalgic, and warm…. All at the same time.

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