Of cotton balls and other cute realities

In one of my many non consequential wonderings suddenly one thought crossed my high traffic mind. How did cute generate? I mean literal cuteness, not those kinds where for the lack of a better word (or limited diction) people go “ah cute”! How does a puppy dog make one go “aww” or a stuffed teddy bear (leaving out some of them which seem to look homicidal) demand an instant hug? How does touching a cotton ball distract you (even if it is just for a moment) from that painful worry of meeting a deadline? Or a baby falling asleep manages to bring silence around and suddenly nobody has the urge to utter a word. Just peaceful observation and a gentle smile.

The direction the world is heading it’s safe to assume that sensitivity is fast depleting. You will find yourself describing people thick skinned and stone hearted a lot more than ever before. It’s becoming more about survival and even more about self created ego. It is quite clear as to why humans need interventions. A lot more harmless distractions. Need something to soften the stone once in a while, show the meaninglessness of the rat race through innocence and sublime blissful ignorance. The army of the cuteness was created for a strong reason as one can see. To somewhere preserve the gentleness humans inherit by birth.


About contentsoul

A pondering and wondering soul.
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One Response to Of cotton balls and other cute realities

  1. Kasturi says:

    Cute post 😉 Hey, but did you know that the meaning of the word ‘cute’ in the dictionary is someone who is sly? I wonder how the meaning of the word changed to come to mean the soft furry feeling that we get.

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