The awakening of the lamps

As I sit early in the morning with a cup of coffee staring at the rustling leaves, I hear multiple swishes, bangs and throws, soapy water splashing and call outs to the maid in regular intervals. I cringe my forehead thinking of how I would be managing these activities in 2 days what my experienced and skilled neighbours take 2 weeks for. I hear the wail of my door bell which somehow gives me a sign that it’s been punched for the third time. I quickly slip into my bunny slippers and slide across the hallway to open the door. I give a courteous smile to my chirpy neighbour, with the cringes on my forehead forming a question mark asking “What now?” (Hopefully well disguised into a genuine concern for the troubles in her life). She quickly tells me something about how she found a window open 6 and half days before and I nod my head thinking “hmm maybe she means don’t do that”. And I quickly respond to her saying of course thank you so much sure will be careful and never?! keep a window open in our house.

I close the door a little annoyed with her constant interference in our highly hectic life. I then settle down to watch a little bit of TV. As I stare at the screen, my mind goes back to Chirps and wonders about her energy levels. (Or maybe boredom levels??) But to be honest, that buzz in her didn’t fail to rub off on me. I quickly take out a note pad and make a huge list of Things To Do, Subtitled within that ‘Things To Buy’ (with a longer list there) and list of ‘People to Contact’. The whole job takes me some time. I stare at the list thinking, this was work and I have nothing to tick off. Quickly I write ‘Make a List’ and cancel it out with pride. Laughing to myself I think, well that is a start!


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2 Responses to The awakening of the lamps

  1. Deepika says:

    Haha, I love the last part. I do the same! I love striking things off my list so much that I add points in the list after I’ve finished them. It’s nice that you can wake up early morning and have a cup of coffee by yourself. It’s been so long since I did that. I am always running in a hurry and the coffee my mom diligently leaves for me on the table goes cold by the time I decide to gulp it down while I half pack my bag running towards the door. Miss those days when I could wake up, walk to the balcony, chat with my husband…. Waiting for it all again. Maybe a basic routine in life, as un-me as that sounds, but sometimes, to know what the day expects from you is nice!

    • contentsoul says:

      Seriously I wish I could say mine is otherwise. The post is a semi dream sequence I drew up as a break from work pressure 😦 I love your last line…that is true…it would be comforting to know what the day expects from you is nice!

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