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Awakening of the lamps- Triumph over evil of a different kind

What is this evil horrible monster howling and storming? The noise is excruciating like a million pins are pricking me at the exact same moment with precision. Slowly I open my eyes to be welcomed by my phone alarm vibrating … Continue reading

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Precious stoned memories

It still feels like yesterday when the royalty of that pearl necklace shown majestically across her strong sleek neck. I would look up staring at it admiringly, with stars in my eyes, wishing to be like her one day. Looking … Continue reading

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Of cotton balls and other cute realities

In one of my many non consequential wonderings suddenly one thought crossed my high traffic mind. How did cute generate? I mean literal cuteness, not those kinds where for the lack of a better word (or limited diction) people go … Continue reading

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The awakening of the lamps

As I sit early in the morning with a cup of coffee staring at the rustling leaves, I hear multiple swishes, bangs and throws, soapy water splashing and call outs to the maid in regular intervals. I cringe my forehead … Continue reading

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