Sleep walking wide awake.

And what is it that is bothering me now? As usual the mind is filled to the brim. With a million thoughts floating around waiting to be flushed out. But most of them remain untouched later to be crowded with new ones emerging and all of them fighting for space.

And as the visual quickly shifts from the inside to the outside, my face has a massive question mark and a wrinkled forehead waiting to be ironed out.

But it never will be. How is it possible that the answers start outweighing the questions? How is it that problems generate slower than solutions? How is it possible that the world would be exactly what you want it to be and more so you actually know how you want it to be?? How in heavens name is it possible that contentment can reside comfortably in a human mind?

I had a dream that my million thoughts knitted. And my day goes by trying to unknot that dream. And reality starts blurring as I sleep walk wide awake. I have realized what is bothering me now.

I suddenly open my eyes and think- maybe this is the last time I should be thinking.


About contentsoul

A pondering and wondering soul.
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