Poor little Cinderella me.

Very very depressed. I get out of home without the feeling of a fulfilled and fully lived weekend.

An annoyance always springs up to mess up those 2 best loved days. This weekend was no different and I left home for work as I said very very depressed.

Then suddenly my life (maybe others too but for now know only about me) took a twisted turn towards a real life fairytale. Now wait. Fairytale sounds beautiful and pretty, butterflies and dancing flowers. But that’s only the happy ending. The twisted turn was the ugly part of the fairytale before it reaches a happy ending. Dark, evil, torturous and courage breaking. When there is no light seen yet in the tunnel. When the silver lining is still black and ominous. (In this case literally).

The protagonist me (it’s my story), is faced by torrential rains, sickness bouts, bruises and gnashes, and to top it all… this is the most painful piece… a non informed taxi strike.

So, the poor drenched me along with her ever together accomplice pulled themselves around to find their way out of this nightmare… The evil sorcerers in black and yellow zoomed across echoing a loud and ghastly laugh. We finally got ourselves to our destination with all the turmoil and pain and sorrow. (Explained in detail earlier) but well this was not my final destination as it turns out. I still had a last lap to go…and energy was running out.

I hated the world, I hated my state…I felt sorry for myself and internally cried. I had no choice but to move on for my last lap. Not sure if that would end in a happy ending or a tragedy. But it had to be done.

So I moved on… given up… numb and lost. And then I heard a horn. Not once but thrice. I turn around to see…a vacant omni cab asking me…where do you want to go? I was sure he is going to splash water on me and speed off hearing my short distance destination. But he said – sit. That word, we crave for everyday, that word with which flowers start blooming, butterflies do start floating and fairytales seem to be a happy ending.

I don’t know what that was. A star that shifted position, a coincidence (though people here would surely agree that cabbie calling out to you and taking you short distance is nothing less than a marvel) which gets me to my last word- miracle. But whatever that was… that one deed done made me forget the entire nightmare earlier during the day. Just like it is in a fairytale.


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A pondering and wondering soul.
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