Music twirling close my ear and the world is fine, just so fine.

As I jump across that little step across my doorway, to join the milling world outside, I see busy eyes, cringed foreheads, and hurried strides all around me. I join them maybe a diverse direction at a physical level but we all so walk in the same direction at a different level. And then, I jam the music in my ears.

Suddenly the hue changes. The ambience takes a turn. As the singer croons in my ear, do I see someone mouthing it at the bus stop? As the guitar takes a high note, do I see that man at the shop moving his head in synchrony? Are the birds flying to the tune, did that car just glide in ballet, did that lady with the child smile at me with an approving nod?

Feels like colour balls in the air, feels like puffy clouds forming shapes to express glee, the sun feels just right. The world’s turned into one big arena and the biggest symphony is in place.

I settle for my journey which will end way too soon. But I smile for the little time I will have, to spare- To take in the world in the glory that music creates.


About contentsoul

A pondering and wondering soul.
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