Live Life the “Big Fish” way!

Some movies vanish from the mind the minute the credits start rolling. Some movies leave an impact for days to come. And some, linger somewhere behind with random scenes flashing once in a while….This is Big Fish for me.

I am not really sure about what this movie had to convey or what it wanted its viewers to take. But I took something that made this movie truly entertaining and fulfilling.

Make every incident an outstanding event in your life. Life in reality is filled with mundane routine works, same repetitive happenings. In short, if I had to do all that I have done once in my life and die, maybe I would live only a 20 (that too is optimistic!). Is it avoidable? Yes. Would I avoid it? No. Why? Because I am too scared to take the unconventional route. If something goes wrong, the responsibility is too much to take for a safe city bred like me. So why not take every “mundane” work as I take it and make it a little dramatic and entertaining as I walk the way thousands take. The road is the same, but why not try to learn and create new characters of the same people who walk the way?

Life cannot be boring- it has way too much in it to be that way….its all about catching the right clue to discover the excitement which is hidden away.

No, I haven’t discovered it and I still don’t know how. I will have my trial and errors but I am sure when I hit the shore it will be all worth it….So I start today…..explaining a simple random evening movie in my own big way…


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2 Responses to Live Life the “Big Fish” way!

  1. I am... says:

    It is not a simple random movie. I love Big Fish. And it's so beautifully done. To me the movie meant something else. It was about believing. Like for example, he chooses to go through the jungle route to get out of the town… he then gets caught in the branches, he struggles and thinks he'll die… but then he remembers what he saw in the lady's eye… “This is not how I die”… and the branches just recede and set him free… to me this was the highlight of the movie… the world will become what you want it to become…

  2. Rajiv Mathew says:

    Yep, Big Fish rocked!

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