She gets rid of the monster in my closet

I froze, and then I screamed. That yellow coloured monster with popping eyes usually makes me cry. Oh yes, I cried too. Don’t know exactly what makes me react to a lizard with such passion. But yes, for the cool quotient I can say I have a phobia. Let me get back to track because this write up is not about me. It’s about someone who has blessed me with her life.
And that leads me back to the story. This lizard crawled up the window above my head and disappeared into this tiny crevice which I had insisted on keeping for a plug point. I yell and cry into my hands screaming “Who kept the window open?” Then my mom swept in, running late to work, food over cooking on high blaze flame, water over flowing in the bathroom, the maid hitting the bell continuously to get in, but there for her dear daughter who needs to be rescued from her childhood monster. And she does, so that I sleep peacefully.
Again another day, yet another incident. Actually a daily routine. I have a fear of the mirror ghost. Damn the movies which show a face in the mirror and u turn to see there is none. Well, I am sure you are laughing at me right now and calling me a looney. But, mom doesn’t think so. She stands patiently right next to me, groggy eyed and messed up hair as I wash my face knowing she is going to get rid of that mirror ghost if it comes my way.
You think my mother has spoilt me. Or think this girl required a few spankings as a child.
But my mom had other plans for me in her mind. She made me what very few can achieve.
Many grow to be ambitious, successful, outstanding, perfectionists, principled, path breaking. But mom, she made me a simple happy human being. Filled with optimism, the kind you have when you have someone to fall back on, turn and fall on the shoulders to cry, hug tight and go to sleep with a smile. She saw my fears as her own, my joys as her own. Supported my decisions when I myself don’t, stand up for me when I don’t think its worth. This helped me see right and wrong. This helped me judge people and the world with a light heart. She hasn’t made me weak. She has made me unbreakable, as I always feel her light reassuring touch and care filled eyes on me.


About contentsoul

A pondering and wondering soul.
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