And that’s how it’s done!

A line is often thrown around carelessly. “Everyone has a talent which needs to be discovered.” Okay, so each one is born with a skill. Yes skill, where practice, hardwork, determination etc is not required to be pumped in as it’s already a skill, not a raw seed of talent. Let me explain in more words and sentences. Remember, that boy in the class who effortlessly had a slight charm that made girls go weak on the knees? Or that goofy boy a row ahead who had the crowd in splits with his hushed up under the table whispered mimicry of all the professors teaching with complete dedication blissfully unaware of being source of entertainment. Coming to professors. Why did some win the hearts of millions of students by just an entry, smile and a few words of introduction? Why did some students make the noise in the room go down with their singing during a competition (unless they were all his/her friends!), why did some elocute with such precision and add a few liners on the way as an impromptu? How did some get away with being excellent monitors for classes which has seen the death of a many before?
Moving from nostalgia (dwelled there a little more than required!), and into the real world. What about the Bhelwala whose stall is crowded forever while the others by the side hopelessly cater to a few who are just in a hurry to not make it to the popular guy? Or that little boy who managed to sell you a book at the signal where many have failed. Even the poojari at your favourite temple around whom the people flock to get their offerings done.
It’s true, each person is born to excel in one skill so well that it runs in the blood and requires no expertise. But also, the sad truth is, most are unfortunate to realize the importance of the skill they are endowed with. Even worse, many are not even aware that what they possess is a skill. A few divine, are just good at what ever they do (people or supernaturals in this category could have skipped this note!). Most people work day in and day out building a skill, being beaten by a few who are lucky enough to do what they are born to do. Is there a solution? As far as my shallow eyes see it, no. Because there is a fundamental flaw in possessing a skill. When you possess it, you think it’s a piece of cake for everyone else in this world, just like it’s for you. I don’t know how that could be beaten. I wish I knew, and when I am wishing I wish I knew my skill in the first place.
Piling questions, million problems squeezed in, lack of solutions…. But just want to end on a lighter tone… whoever is reading it, and whoever isn’t, you all have that one fabulous thing to back you up when you say…. And that’s how it’s done!


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A pondering and wondering soul.
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