Captain Planet left a ring for me.

Another social service ad floats on TV as I lazily stare at it having a million notes and combinations rearranging themselves in my mind. I should be heading to the bank before it shuts. But that alteration is important too and he will shut like he runs the shop as a favour to mankind. So I have to take a rickshaw ask him to wait as I drop the clothes and then rush to the bank hoping against hopes that it doesn’t turn out to be a wasted trip. But I still sit there stretching a bit, reassuring myself 5 minutes wont do harm. But my eyelashes flutter towards the clock once in a few seconds and finally I heave myself up.
That whole world making and breaking planning of mine took a lot from this world, based on the highest capacity I have in the share of world damaging. I kept that TV running when I wasn’t even registering the tube happenings. That fan swirling for those extra 10 minutes I spent over mulling. That rickshaw fuel that’s going to be burnt courtesy me as I chose not to leave early enough to walk. The air conditioner I left on in my room which was awaiting my presence to collect up and go for my errands. Well that’s about it. Or am I underestimating my power to destruct the world? All that for my 5 minutes of sheer laziness speaks volume of how aware I am of the world problems and resource depletion inspite of those zillion ads and day after day building up knowledge. It’s not that corrupt government or swindling MNCs alone busily brick by brick dismantling the world. We help by scraping off the mortar holding it together.
Can we do something about it? Yes. But first we need to have the want to do something about it. And want comes from care. Care comes from love. Love something so dearly and passionately and see how it will lead to the need of taking care of the world it lives in. Love that pet dog of yours and you will want to keep this world intact for its generations to come. Love that plant which is beautifully blooming at your kitchen sill and see how you would want the waters to be forever flowing to serve the plants of its kind. Or that mischievous coo coo of the cuckoo will want you to save those trees forever to live and flourish. We need this world. But to get what you need, first we need to contradict it by turning selfless and love without condition. As for me, I will start with a little less procrastination.


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